In certain parts of the world, spring has arrived or is coming. In my little corner, here in Manila, Philippines, the transition from wet season to dry season is in full swing. While winds from the north are still blowing, they are steadily being replaced by easterly winds—and that could only mean one thing, summer is just around the corner.



At 7:09 in the morning, I took this long exposure photo of El Nido’s Cadlao Island. With a hungry stomach, it was a minor miracle I was not impatient in getting a shot in a vantage point that was a bit far from where I was staying. I guess that’s what usually happens when one is in that proverbial zone.

How does one interpret visually a landscape that has been interpreted many times over? Would it even matter? Many times these two questions cross my mind, especially during that moment when the camera is already in the process of creating a long exposure shot.

I left the water’s edge and returned back to where I was billeted with even more questions rather than answers.