I just arrived from Iligan after attending to the needs of my father. He has been suffering from a condition that makes him lose energy quickly even without strenuous effort. We checked with his physician, and brought with us the previous laboratory results for reference yesterday.

While the results were all within normal ranges, it was still inconclusive since it was not helping us pin down what is causing him to lose strength. I ventured an educated guess, stating that since his blood pressure has been very low, perhaps what needs to be done is to update his diet to make his blood pressure increase. The physician approved our request for blood chemistry, and true enough, the two factors—Na and K—were well below the established values.

It is a bit frustrating when I consider the factors that predisposed this. There were many, and nearly all of them were totally controllable. I guess this must be how men, when they reach that point in life when their parents are in their sunset years, feel when faced with the fact that what could have been prevented, happened—again.


I am suffocated by Facebook, so much so that I decided to ‘clean slate’ this blog and start all over again. There’s so much drama and not enough focus on what one wants to devote time and attention to in that social network, that whatever it is that attracted me to it, has disappeared.

This would be the same as looking for a destination where the crowd are nil, and then keeping it to one’s self for fear of getting it spoiled due to the crap the multitudes would certainly bring. It is hard, but definitely doable. It just takes getting used to.

Writing my thoughts down can sometimes prove to be difficult because pinning down the narrative of the mind is not easy. Nevertheless, I certainly hope this will be a breath of fresh air after being enslaved by the social media feeds of Facebook and its sister, Instagram.