At 7:09 in the morning, I took this long exposure photo of El Nido’s Cadlao Island. With a hungry stomach, it was a minor miracle I was not impatient in getting a shot in a vantage point that was a bit far from where I was staying. I guess that’s what usually happens when one is in that proverbial zone.

How does one interpret visually a landscape that has been interpreted many times over? Would it even matter? Many times these two questions cross my mind, especially during that moment when the camera is already in the process of creating a long exposure shot.

I left the water’s edge and returned back to where I was billeted with even more questions rather than answers.

El Nido, Palawan

Afternoon sun facing El Nido's largest island, Cadlao.

On my first visit to El Nido, located on the northern part of Palawan, Philippines, the summer weather was already in full swing. The sun was out, all day long, and the light was simply superb for landscape and travel photography. There was no shortage of tourists—whether local or foreign—and the entire town is alive with motor boats bringing people to and from the islands that dot Bacuit Bay.

Would be better if the owners painted a human figure.

There was no shortage of fresh sea food too.

He's smiling. The fish ain't. Sumptous lunch awaits.

A couple spending their honeymoon generously allowed me to take a photo of them while they enjoyed the sunset facing Cadlao Island at Bacuit Bay, El Nido.

Love birds.

Of course, the main attraction here are the limestone rock formations, the crystal clear waters of beaches with powdery white sand, and the damn good time every one has swimming in clean waters under the blue sky.

The waters around Bacuit Bay are deep. The beaches are immaculate.